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Deliver differentiated experiences across your content value chain with EnterWorks, your Product Information Management solution.

Fender wanted to play to an even larger audience, so we picked EnterWorks.

Michael Spandau, CIO and SVP Global IT, Fender Musical Instruments
Fender Stratocaster

Fender needed to rock some new product content…

…So they implemented the EnterWorks Enable PIM/MDM. With thousands of products, a worldwide dealer network and over 300,000 digital assets, Fender realized that providing high quality product content was essential in supporting their customer's purchase journey.

Now, musicians across the globe have access to the most accurate and complete product information no matter how or where they access it.

Here’s how EnterWorks helped Fender master and govern their product content:

  • Cloud Deployment in 30 Days
  • Global Rollout in over 20 Countries
  • Enterprise Data Management Workflow
  • Syndicate to Retailers/Dealers
  • Enabled New Digital Channels
  • Automated Print Catalog/Price Books

Enable your Enterprise Content Network

Orchestrate product content collaboration within your organization while exchanging consistent, accurate product information with suppliers, customers, partners and marketplaces.

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