Enterworks® Enable integrates product information from multiple sources for centralized management, enrichment and distribution in multiple languages to channels worldwide.

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How Companies Use Enterworks® Enable MDM/PIM Solution

Onboarding Supplier Product Information

Through secure, role-based access, suppliers upload, manage, and approve their own product information.

Managing Attributes

Defining and working with complex attributes, and managing master global attributes across multiple catalogs/categories.

Enriching Product Information

Gaining competitive advantage by integrating images, videos, PDFs and more to turn product data into persuasive content.

Managing Digital Assets

Simplifying the association and use of unstructured assets (images, video, audio, animation, documents) with multiple products in web and print channels.

Searching Product Content

Ensuring the “findability” of product information through keyword and synonym searches, and through phonetic and fuzzy advanced searches essential for successful e-commerce.

Syndicating Product Content

Performing concurrent mass updates and syndications to multiple targets, filtering output on criteria such as customers, subsets of attributes, or changed items only.


Use Cases

Enterworks Enable delivers speed and consistency in catalog publishing for Safety Marketing Services.

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