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ASD Market Week: SMBs Can Get in the Game with PIM

For attendees of the Man in the Middle session at ASD Market Week 2017, EnterWorks highlighted the product content imperative for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs). The session delved into how to create value for the end customer in a digital B2B2C world.

Many experienced an “aha moment” in understanding how the digitization of commerce has resulted in the need for SMBs to utilize a Product Information Management (PIM) platform to keep up with market demand for content. Specifically, what role product content will play moving forward, and how SMBs can finally get in the game with PIM.
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ROI Killers in the Absence of PIM

An article published by Dion Hinchcliffe for Enterprise Web 2.0 delved into what’s top of mind for CIOs in 2017. The insightful list of pressing CIO priorities revolves around the push for digital transformation while still avoiding glitches in operational excellence. Interestingly, although Product Information Management (PIM) wasn’t explicitly listed, nearly all of the issues described actually require a PIM/MDM implementation.
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Getting Started with SmartLabel: Take a Cue from Coke

Are you thinking about getting started with the GMA SmartLabel™ initiative? Take a cue from Coke. The world’s largest beverage company has long encouraged consumers to “share a Coke.” Now, it’s gearing up to share a whole lot more when it comes to product information and transparency. The company said last month that its SmartLabel Coca-Cola program is quickly ramping up. In fact, Coke has already applied Smart Label QR codes to half of its volume, and it plans to have all of its beverage packaging SmartLabel ready by early 2018!
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The Case for Assisted Intelligence: 2017 Fortune Brainstorm Tech Conference

While there was much investor and media interest in Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence at the 2017 Fortune Brainstorm Tech Conference this week, I believe a far more accessible aid for business is emerging: assisted intelligence.

The reason? If you pose the right problems to be solved by engaging artificial intelligence, a capability that learns by itself to sort through massive data stores and apply really cool algorithms can certainly make decisions faster, sort through more influencing factors, and generate a wealth of potential outcomes weighted by benefit and likelihood.  Not to mention use cases for embedding in devices, machines, networks, robots and software of all types.
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The Many Sides of PIM (Series): Sales Portals

On the EnterWorks blog, we recently discussed the difference between end-to-end Product Information Management (PIM) systems and Syndication tools. The article points out that there are solutions that position e-commerce Syndication tools similarly to PIM. Yet, despite their commonalities, there are game-changing differences between the two. One such difference is in the expanded capabilities of an enterprise PIM solution. In this series, we’ll look at one of the many sides of PIM: A Sales & Marketing Portal.
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GS1 Connect 2017 Conference: Our Top 5 Takeaways

The EnterWorks team recently returned from an excellent week attending the GS1 Connect 2017 Conference, along with 1WorldSync’s Users Conference. These back-to-back events allowed EnterWorks to demonstrate our commitment to enhancing access to richer, trusted product information for our customers and global trading partners.
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