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How Does PIM Stack Up to PCM Syndication Tools?

Product Information Management (PIM) is one of the core capabilities businesses look for in their search for advanced omnichannel commerce tools. Yet there’s much confusion around what separates an enterprise PIM solution with Product Content Management (PCM) and Syndication tools. There’s a myth floating around that PIM software isn’t able to adapt to today’s ecommerce environment in the same way PCM can. Cue the proverbial record scratch. It’s time to take a look at PIM vs. PCM, and clarify what truly separates the two.
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New Deadline Announced for FDA Food Labeling Requirement: You’ve Got Time, Make It Count

The food and restaurant industry received some unexpected news this week.  The FDA Food Labeling Requirement deadline has shifted. On Monday, the federal mandate requiring all chain restaurants, supermarkets and convenience stores (among other food sellers) to post calorie counts was delayed following a last-minute reprieve from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The FDA announced the new deadline to post calories is May 7, 2018. This means those affected now have a little bit of time to catch up and ensure compliance. As a food seller, what can you do to make it count?
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8 Ways InDesign & PIM Publishing Empower Your Sales Force

Printed catalogs and sales collateral are far from dead. In fact, they’re still alive and as valuable as ever. For your sales and marketing teams, they are highly-effective tools that serve many purposes. They inspire purchases, act as a “shopping assistant” to drive cross-channel sales, and help connect clients and customers to your brand. Yet organizations tend to hit a wall in print and digital publishing when the information needed to create materials is inconsistent and scattered throughout various systems. Let’s look at eight ways your marketing and sales teams can utilize a Multichannel PIM Publishing system with Adobe® InDesign to create successful campaigns across clicks, bricks and page flips.

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Enabling Trusted Content Every Time in Every Channel

The majority of consumers (88%) say that detailed product content is extremely or very important to their purchasing decision (Google Shopping Guide, 2016).

Accurate and timely product content is critical in the path to purchase from discovery to delight. As digital pre-shopping, such as product research and comparative reviews, increasingly influence the shopping journey, so too increases consumer reliance on consumable content.
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Raise Content ROI with Workflow-Powered PIM and MDM

Did you know a Workflow Engine makes a big impact on raising your return on content investments by elevating the value derived from your Product Information Management (PIM) and Master Data Management (MDM)? Why? Because your Content ROI hinges on your ability to execute business processes efficiently and collaboratively, as enabled by enterprise worklflow seamlessly operating with your PIM and MDM software platform.
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Easter Spending is at $17.3 Billion – Is Your Product Information Ready?

Recent studies reveal some surprising spring and Easter statistics. For example, did you know that 89% of Americans believe the proper way to eat a chocolate bunny is ears first? Now, on a more serious note, sellers across industries should know that Easter spending is projected by the National Retail Federation (NRF) to reach $17.3 billion. In fact, that’s the highest it’s been in the 13 years of the survey. Clearly, a huge opportunity awaits retailers, distributors, and manufacturers who are ready to seize it. So, is your product information ready?
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