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Success Stories


Johnstone Supply implemented EnterWorks’ Enable PIM platform to centralize product information using business friendly user interfaces.

The Enable platform provides Johnstone Supply with a single view of their product information. By centralizing their product information, Johnstone Supply is able to manage data quality and deliver consistent information to member organizations across touchpoints.

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Johnstone Supply has realized the following key benefits by enabling the following omni-channel capabilities:

  • Improve customer experience through rich, accurate product information across channels
  • Content consistency in physical and digital channels
  • Speed to market for new product introduction and marketing
  • Operational efficiencies and scale
  • Automate supplier collaboration and on-boarding through the Enable Vendor Portal solution
  • Automate and reduce catalog production processes with the Enable Publishing solution

“Providing rich and accurate content on our products is critical to our business. Our Members and Customers rely on our product content; in HVAC distribution when something breaks you’ve got to locate the right part quickly! With EnterWorks Enable, we collaborate with suppliers using the Vendor Portal to create and enrich our data for a consistent customer experience across our print and digital publication channels.”

- Laura Schultz, Director IT and PMO, Johnstone Supply

Fender needed to rock some new product content…

…So they implemented the EnterWorks Enable PIM/MDM. With thousands of products, a worldwide dealer network and over 300,000 digital assets, Fender realized that providing high quality product content was essential in supporting their customer's purchase journey.

Now, musicians across the globe have access to the most accurate and complete product information no matter how or where they access it.

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Here’s how EnterWorks helped Fender master and govern their product content:

  • Cloud Deployment in 30 Days
  • Global Rollout in over 20 Countries
  • Enterprise Data Management Workflow
  • Syndicate to Retailers/Dealers
  • Enabled New Digital Channels
  • Automated Print Catalog/Price Books

Enable your Enterprise Content Network

Orchestrate product content collaboration within your organization while exchanging consistent, accurate product information with suppliers, customers, partners and marketplaces.

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