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Drive sales and margin growth with compelling, differentiated experiences through a single view of content with suppliers, partners, customers, and marketplaces.

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Product Information Management (PIM)

Our product information management (PIM) employs a dynamic, flexible data modeling architecture

  • Powers a content repository with unlimited data attributes, manages complex relationships between products and category/hierarchies, and deliver time-phased pricing management
  • Offers roles-based views tailored to each user with security and audit logs for accountability
  • Applies specific business rules for consistent, accurate sources of product content
  • Enhance search-ability across attributes, facets, images, and text

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Master Data Management (MDM)

The MDM acts as the single source of the truth for data and content for supply and demand chains.

  • Tailor data domains to your business model and master/reference data preferences
  • Choose your domains (e.g., product, customer, brand, service, artist, regulatory, and location)
  • Integrate databases, systems (ERP, CRM, WMS, OMS), or customer/social networks
  • Extract, load, and scrub source information, publish/syndicate information to external entities

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Dynamic Data Modeling

Enable MDM manages data as XML entities to provide the full benefits of open, standards-based attribute management. The solution can model

  • Establish and evolve complex hierarchies and relationships for ongoing business needs
  • Support industry, geography, and customer-specific requirements
  • Manage unlimited number of attributes and associations (product, vendor, brand, artist, etc.)
  • Create a personalized view of product content while securing product data at the attribute level

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Workflow & Collaboration

Deploy a robust set of workflow management tools to enable, automate, and enforce best practices in data and content integration and flow across multiple sources, applications and enterprises

  • Enforce data governance (data quality, stewardship, taxonomy, naming conventions, etc.)
  • Manage complex business processes in managing data and content through a drag-and-drop interface for collaboration between business and technical users, internal and external users
  • Graphically display the flow of activities for proactive management and intervention

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Syndication & Publishing

Simultaneously and continually distribute and update enriched product information to multiple sales channels, systems and external partners

  • Generate per established criteria and automatically customize to recipient requirements
  • Select, extract, and syndicate product data and automatically feed content to print or web catalogs, graphic or publishing tools on a scheduled or ad hoc basis
  • Use Adobe InDesign and Quark Express plug-ins for streamlined design processes

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Digital Asset Management

Easily store, categorize and manage unstructured and external content

  • Incorporate documents, images, audio and video files into your content assets
  • Associate items through one to one, one to many or many to one relationships
  • View images through user-friendly search and browse features
  • Leverage other DAM products that you may have installed in your company

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Support multi-lingual, multi-country and multi-cultural content and automatically generate localized output files and publications

  • Manage business user profiles to organization unit, language and country
  • Match customers with localized product descriptions, pricing and shipping considerations
  • Support B2B global accounts with global and local contractual and buying terms
  • Enable company representatives with both global and local branding content
  • Integrate with local content syndicators and marketplaces

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Offer interactive, custom-branded Marketing, Sales, Dealer and Vendor Portals to for shared content development of syndication within and across enterprises

  • Users upload, manage and approve their own and/or central product information
  • Develop localized sales and marketing collaterals or micro-sites
  • Open to trading partners, distributed company locations, field staff and franchisees
  • Create parameter-driven validation rules and workflows for reviews and approvals
  • Integrate externally through Web Services /API-based messaging and direct data links

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Digital Channel Accelerators

Drive enterprise sales and branding throughout digital channels.

  • Reach marketplaces, mobile touchpoints, social networks through custom integrations
  • Engage upstream/downstream partners through commerce platform connectors
  • Enable standardized content updating to target sites with channel-specific feeds
  • Leverage social networks that are focused on topics relevant to your product content

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Auditing & Reporting

Proactively manage content with product level audit trails and graphical reports.

  • Drill down to source data and the users who are touching/changing enterprise data, with action logs on master data down to the attribute level
  • Initiate audits directly from a repository, sub-repository, or through a workflow
  • Produce graphical reports by product, process, hierarchy, digital assets and performance

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