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Discrete Views of Everything

Discrete Views of Everything

Personalize Information Insights across Multi-Enterprise Networks

Differentiated Experiences

Differentiated Experiences

Leverage Multiple Domains to create unique user and touchpoint personalization

Complexity Mastered

Complexity Mastered

Master Diverse Business Models for Exceptional Data Quality and Agility

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MDM, PIM and DAM in a Single Platform

Orchestrate data and content collaboration within your organization while exchanging consistent, accurate information with suppliers, customers, partners and marketplaces.

Multi-domain Master Data Management

EnterWorks Enable™ Multi-domain Master Data Management (MDM) provides a framework of technologies and processes with a central repository of reliable, up-to-date master data consolidated across all enterprise applications.

Enable™ Masters the Complexity of Single View of Multiple Domains

  • Create a “Golden Record” for data entities by integrating databases and systems such as ERP, CRM, WMS and OMS, even hard to integrate legacy systems that are difficult to access and even more difficult to decommission.
  • Enhance data quality and ability to extract, load, publish and syndicate accurate and consistent content to internal and external recipients.
  • Improve the efficiencies and quality of decision for enterprise processes that rely on trusted and accurate information.

Product Information Management

EnterWorks Enable™ Product Information Management (PIM) is a comprehensive solution that aggregates and manages product content across all business applications.

Enable™ Masters the Complexity of Collaboration and Authorship

  • Power a content repository with unlimited data attributes, manage complex relationships between products and category/ hierarchies
  • Deliver time-phased pricing management for catalogs and campaigns that are responsive to the dynamic promotional needs of marketers and merchants
  • Offer roles-based views tailored by user with security and audit logs for accountability that evolve based on acquisitions, geographic extensions, and organization changes
  • Apply specific business rules for consistent, up-to-date sources of product content
  • Enhance search-ability across attributes, facets, images, and text to keep up with the trends in products, life-cycles, and markets

Flexible Data Modeling

All organizations have unique data management needs that need to be addressed. Enable supports the ability to easily access, view and manipulate complex business requirements without coding. Enable flexible data modeling tools will be mold a data model to your business needs. This allows the user to easily handle multiple data scenarios, attributes, locations, and relationships. The system manages all aspects of the virtual data model providing for performance optimization.

What Can Enable Flexible Data Modeling Do For You?

  • Logical model is abstracted from physical model. Upgrades require no data migration.
  • Provide attribute inheritance support for properly classifying and managing global and category specific attributes.
  • Improve performance optimization with virtual data model.
  • Easily extend the data model with new attributes without system downtime.


With so much data involved in so many processes, most organizations discover that content is created more quickly and with fewer errors when more and more of the tasks involved are automated. Enable provides workflow tools to outline the tasks and responsibilities for different roles involved in content management process, set deadlines and escalation paths for specific tasks, and monitor the status of processes and resolve bottlenecks with graphical monitoring.

What Can Enable Workflow Do For You?

  • Enforce best business practices for content creation and management.
  • Simplify task resolution with intuitive interface that can be customized at the user level.
  • Improve oversight of data governance process with alerts and notifications that can be configured by role.
  • Eliminate need to rely on IT to design complex processes with drag-and-drop modeling tools accessible by business user.


Organizations at every level of the content lifecycle create, manage and enrich content. Trading partners need to effectively synchronize and syndicate that information in order to deliver a consistent and differentiated experience to consumers. Enable provides syndication tools to synchronize products, attributes and assets in bulk and the content can be configurable for multiple markets and languages. Business users can leverage workflows to automate the process and take full advantage of industry standards, like GDSN, GTIN and CIC.

What Can Enable Syndication Do For You?

  • Faster product introductions.
  • Reduce product data errors.
  • Eliminate manual tasks and proprietary software solutions.
  • Increase up-sell and cross-sell conversions.
  • Comply with global standards including GDSN MjR3.
  • Meet customer-specific data requirements and mandates.
  • Reduce out-of-stocks.

Digital Asset Management

Customers demand a rich product buying experience, and most are more likely to buy a product when they can view images or videos of the product. However, that unstructured data must be managed and stored similar to other data domains. Enable allows companies to manage any unstructured content (images, videos, audio, documents and more) using built-in Digital Asset Management technologies. Teams can import metadata from images, configure custom metadata fields for cross-sell / up-sell opportunities, and automatically generate multiple image formats and resolution for print and online use.

What Can Enable Digital Asset Management Do For You?

  • Localize assets for markets, brands or languages.
  • Reduce costs and complexity of redundant storage.
  • Drive compliance and correct usage of assets.
  • Control and protect the brand through security and workflow.
  • Reduce time to deliver to 3rd parties and customers.
  • Improve efficiency and quickly find, organize and convert digital assets.


Multi-national businesses face difficulties in globalization when producing consistent product content in multiple languages, creating regionally specific print catalogues and product labeling, and offering a user interface in native languages. Enable supports the localization of product content, including languages (single and double-byte character sets) / dialects, measures, currencies, etc. based on market and/or region. The user interface can be displayed in multiple languages, including double-byte character sets.

  • Apply and enforce data quality and validation rules in a base language prior to translation, thereby ensuring compliance in the subsequent language.
  • Localize data for multi-language, multi-channel and multi-brand.
  • Automate the translation process with out-of-the-box functionality or take advantage of 3rd-party services.

Vendor Portal

Item onboarding can be a cumbersome experience. For one product, multiple e-mail or phone calls may be required. And, even after several attempts, the content received may not be accurate or consistent with your organization’s data governance rules. Enable provides a vendor portal to make product introduction faster and easier. Organizations can create an onboarding workflow that enforces data standards for its suppliers and notifies internal teams about new product introductions, missing data and other triggers that may need attention.

What Can Enable Vendor Portal Do For You?

  • Accelerate supplier on-boarding and integration.
  • Adapt to supplier data formats.
  • Enforce data standards and required data – even via spreadsheets.
  • Ensure secure and tracked data access and changes.
  • Drive real-time activity status and notifications.

Digital Channel Accelerators

Improving the time it takes to introduce a new or updated product to digital channels is critical to business success. Customer demands and competitive pressures increase the need to make the process as efficient as possible. EnterWorks Enable™ provides digital channel accelerators to integrate with the industry’s leading e-commerce providers, full ETL support to create custom export file formats, and a built-in data mart from which to pull data rapidly.

What Can Enable Digital Channel Accelerators Do For You?

  • Reach marketplaces, mobile touchpoints, social networks through custom integrations.
  • Engage upstream/downstream partners through commerce platform connectors.
  • Enable standardized content updating to target sites with channel-specific feeds.
  • Leverage social networks that are focused on topics relevant to your product content.

Enable Collaboration Across your Industry Network

Leverage Content in Context to Increase Loyalty and Sales

Consumer Packaged Goods
Food Commerce
Food Manufacturers

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