The Future of PIM for Retail and B2B: Intershop and EnterWorks Offer Insights

According to a recent Intershop article about the future of PIM for the retail and business-to-business (B2B) sectors, product information is key in the role of evolving digital commerce. If you are a B2B seller, your customers expect you to provide product information that they can present to their customers using different devices, languages, regions, and customer groups.

A solid product information management (PIM) system helps with storing and organizing product content and assets. At the Intershop Raise the Bar event, EnterWorks CEO Rick Chavie advised the audience that organizations should start thinking about what content they generate and how they can validate if their data is still accurate and if it converts.

Raise the B2B bar - VR at intershop booth 2017Intershop’s article dives into a recent presentation by Chavie that explores how certain segments and geographies are a perfect match for melding product information with virtual or augmented reality, and how mobile apps can help bridge the gap between online and offline experiences—particularly in industries like DIY, for example, where in-store customer service and cross-selling drives purchases.

PIM Insights from EnterWorks and Intershop

As the landscape changes for retail and B2B, product information—and the technology that delivers it—is a critical consideration. Check out Intershop’s overview for more insights.

Best-of-Breed B2B Commerce Solution Overview

If you want to explore more details about the EnterWorks and Intershop approach to enabling digital commerce, download a free copy of the guide Best of Breed B2B Commerce Solution.

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