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Brandon Purcell, Principal Analyst Serving Customer Insights Professionals, Forrester

Brandon Purcell

Forrester Principal Analyst Customer Insights & Analytics

Come Together (Right Now) To Deliver The Next Best Experience

Customer expectations have changed and it’s no secret that delivering superior customer experiences is a key that is often unfulfilled in business success today.  Sophisticated analytics can help but they require having the right, trusted data in place to serve all departments which contribute to the customer experience.  Further, delivering the right experience to the right customers at the right time does not happen in a vacuum, but within the context of a customer journey and is informed by key metrics of successful engagement.  In this presentation, Forrester Research principal Analyst Brandon Purcell, will introduce the Next Best Experience paradigm and explain how companies are embracing it as both an analytical technique and organizing principle for orchestrating data and processes.

About Brandon
Brandon serves Customer Insights Professionals, covering customer analytics and artificial intelligence. His work helps organizations derive meaningful insights from customer data to attract and retain customers, increase customer loyalty and profitability, and inform product development and service delivery. His research agenda includes customer analytics and artificial intelligence strategy, innovation and best practices, skill development, and vendor evaluation.

Featured Keynote

Stefan Olander, Former Vice President, Global Digital Innovation for Nike—a company consistently regarded as one of the world’s game-changing innovators

Stefan Olander

Former Vice President, Global Digital Innovation for Nike—a company consistently regarded as one of the world’s game-changing innovators

How Human Centric Brands Win in a Tech Dominated World

Creativity, imagination, purpose, passion, and courage are indispensable tenants of the brand success that Stefan Olander brought to Nike’s digital platforms. By combining this deep brand understanding and carefully managing the human/technology equation, he articulates how organizations can bridge the gap between the physical and digital to deliver meaningful solutions that create value for both consumers and business. In a style that is fast-paced, provocative, and highly motivating, Olander will arm you with actionable ideas to help define your organization’s digital future.

About Stefan
Stefan Olander is one of the world’s leading digital innovators. Over the past fifteen years he has led several groundbreaking global initiatives that have unlocked state-of-the-art and engaging consumer experiences. As founder of BrandNew, Stefan is inspiring leaders, brands, and businesses to maximize their potential though deeply engaging, thought-provoking keynotes and workshops. By combining deep brand understanding with technological insight, and carefully managing the human/tech equation, he articulates how we can bridge the gap between physical and digital to deliver solutions that create value for both consumers and businesses.

Featured Keynote

Steven Winnick Coresight Research

Steven Winnick

Coresight Research Senior Analyst / Fung Global Retail & Technology

Spectacular, Data-Driven Retail

About Steven
Steven Winnick is a Senior Analyst at Coresight Research. He leads research and business development for the Innovator Intelligence team and is responsible for identifying and analyzing high-growth retail-technology businesses, and emerging trends in retail technology. He works closely with both enterprise clients and growth-stage retail technology companies to accelerate growth and scale business. His role also involves overseeing the creation of in-depth market research reports, advising on growth opportunities in retail technology verticals, identifying partnership and acquisition prospects – working with global retail, technology and investor clients. Prior to joining Coresight Research, Steven was an analyst on the private equity desk at the Cowen Group, conducting due diligence and valuation analysis on potential investments in the technology and industrial sectors. Steven holds a BS in International Economics and Political Development from the University of Michigan.

Featured Keynote

Patrick Javick, Director Apparel and General Merchandise, GS1

Patrick Javick

Senior Director, Partnerships, GS1

Identifying Blockchain Opportunities and Misconceptions

Investments in blockchain are expected to reach $2.1 billion this year, according to IDC research. However, with so much conflicting information available on blockchain, it’s difficult to gauge just how revolutionary this technology will be in creating a safer and more visible supply chain. In this session, we will discuss the value of building a solid framework for data sharing based on GS1 Standards. By examining the value of supply chain visibility through standards, and then evaluating how to build a blockchain on top of this foundation, companies can make more informed decisions and ensure profitability.

About Patrick
Patrick is responsible for interacting with customers and partners in support of GS1 US solutions and standards adoption within the apparel and general merchandise industry, as well as working cross functionally on business process and project initiatives, and building and retaining industry relationships.

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