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NextGen Master Data Management:

From Systems of Records to Systems of Engagement to IoT

Learn how MDM has evolved and will play a critical role in customer experience and growth acceleration

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Henry Peyret, Forrester Principal Analyst Serving Enterprise Architecture Professionals

Henry Peyret
Forrester Principal Analyst Serving Enterprise Architecture Professionals

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The first generation tooling of Master Data Management supported back office System of Records and Data Warehouses, focusing on data quality improvements in financial consolidation and reporting as well support processes instrumented by system of records. As an omnichannel generation of MDM tooling emerged, it expanded its role to Systems of Engagement involving greater independence and agility. In particular, support for Customer Experience Management meant much larger, yet agile, stores of customer/product information, while sometimes relaxing data accuracy constraints.

NextGen MDM tooling accelerates the shift to accessing large data stores arising from IoT pervasiveness. MDM should reference all IoT sensors associated to a customer, but not necessarily storing it all.

This webinar is exploring the evolution of MDM tooling and the criteria and MDM usage scenarios to help companies take business advantage and drive bottom line improvement from a re-imagined MDM environment.

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