GDSN Major Release 3

In May of this year, the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) countdown hit zero and the GDSN Major Release 3 (MjR3) went live. Its launch marked the first major update in over 10 years, and big changes for the industry. EnterWorks recently announced its global MjR3 certification from 1WorldSync. MjR3 certification brings PIM and MDM users the most advanced bi-directional data publishing and synchronization tools available.

Breakdown of GDSN Major Release 3

The GDSN Major Release 3 is a non-backwards compatible upgrade to the GDSN standard. Hence, the previous communication protocols and rules no longer work.

The new release affects the entire GDSN community, 32-34 data pools and solution providers. Existing solutions must be upgraded to reflect the changes, as well as migration paths defined and created.

GDSN Major Release 3 Benefits

Overall, MjR3 improves product information sharing and data synchronization. With the new release, organizations are able to leverage more trusted data to provide richer product information, adapt to regulatory requirements, support industry-specific functionality, improve data quality, and increase speed to market.

The GDSN Major Release 3 offers:

  • Easier implementation thanks to a smaller core data set,
  • Increased flexibility and efficiency to support changes in regularity or industry requirements,
  • Easy-to-add product categories as businesses expand,
  • Support for new business applications like hazardous materials or sustainability,
  • And an easier adoption of GDSN, with flexibility to suit your industry and improve product data management.

MjR3 Certification

The ins and outs of the MjR3 transition can make your head spin. In fact, the GDSN has an entire site dedicated to tracking migration progress. However,EnterWorks’ MjR3 certification with 1WorldSync provides our customers with a safe haven, enabling them to more efficiently synchronize data via GDSN and drive higher sales and competitive strengths.

Furthermore, MjR3 certification provides our PIM and MDM customers with access to more efficient product information sharing tools. Thereby reducing costs, time and data errors.

Finally, the certification is also important in light of our recent Digital Foodie acquisition.

As EnterWorks CEO Rick Chavie notes, “We have made a major investment in Europe recently that puts us in six additional countries, with a concentration in food and consumer packaged goods (CPG) in addition to the other verticals where we have a significant presence…The partnership with 1WorldSync enhances our customers’ and global trading partners’ access to richer, trusted product information that is essential for brand integrity, especially in CPG. This new release is also important for GDSN regulatory compliance, increases speed to market, and supports industry-specific functionality.”

Have you prepared for MjR3? Contact us to speak with an MjR3 expert, and get to know our GDSN Major Release 3 certified PIM and MDM solutions.

Kerry Young

Kerry Young

Kerry Young joined EnterWorks in 2006 when Ennovative, Inc., the multi-channel publishing software company he co-founded, was acquired by EnterWorks. He directs EnterWorks’ operations and leads EnterWorks’ professional services and consulting organization, ensuring effective customer implementations and ongoing success. Mr. Young brings more than 25 years of technology and business management experience to EnterWorks, having served as CTO for a subsidiary of the Dow Chemical Company, and earlier as VP, Information Technology for Marshall Industries, a $1.7 billion industrial electronics distributor. He previously managed information systems for a subsidiary of McDonnell Douglas Corporation. Mr. Young holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and an M.B.A. from California State University Fullerton.