Getting Started with SmartLabel™ - Getting Started with the GMA SmartLabel Initiative Begins with Effective Product Information Management

Are you thinking about getting started with the GMA SmartLabel™ initiative? Take a cue from Coke. The world’s largest beverage company has long encouraged consumers to “share a Coke.” Now, it’s gearing up to share a whole lot more when it comes to product information and transparency. The company said last month that its SmartLabel Coca-Cola program is quickly ramping up. In fact, Coke has already applied Smart Label QR codes to half of its volume, and it plans to have all of its beverage packaging SmartLabel ready by early 2018!

That’s a pretty strong message from a trendsetting, consumer-obsessed company like Coca-Cola. For manufacturers of food, beverages and consumer packaged goods (CPG), it’s time to pay very close attention to the story your product content is telling.

First Steps to SmartLabel Success

Experts agree, you must start with product content when it comes to SmartLabel success. Prepare now to consolidate and enrich product information, communicate product transparency, and finally, reach the consumer in their channel of choice. SmartLabel helps you do that.

Here’s the challenge. For many companies, SmartLabel can be a significant undertaking considering the number of products they manufacture. In fact, each unique item (including flavor, size, etc.) requires three crucial components:

  • A unique Smart Label QR code
  • Consumer-ready product content
  • A SmartLabel webpage.

The point is, getting all of your product information onto SmartLabel can seem overwhelming. However, with the right guidance, it doesn’t have to be.

Your SmartLabel Questions Answered by the Experts

Your product content experts, EnterWorks and 1WorldSync, have teamed up to produce an ebook on how you can go beyond the label with SmartLabel. Let us help you get started! Download our SmartLabel ebook and contact us or comment below.

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