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As the world of commerce becomes increasingly complex, the Master Data Management market (MDM) is on a fast track. In fact, it’s one of the fastest growing enterprise software markets today. The number of vendors also continues to grow, leaving companies to sift through the choices. Thankfully, MDM analysts are stepping in to narrow the field. So, in light of the expanding marketplace, how do top MDM experts rank EnterWorks’ Master Data Management solution?

MDM Institute Announces Top 20 Master Data Management Solutions for 2016

Companies looking for a “top-shelf” MDM software solution can refer to the MDM Institute’s recent field report. Released this summer, the 20 Top Master Data Management Solutions for 2016 report evaluated MDM software on a wide range of criteria. For example, data model and business services, governance and infrastructure. It also analyzed companies on a broader level, factoring in industry, business use cases, scale, geography and IT maturity level. Overall, solution providers were recognized for their excellence in the data management space.

According to the report, EnterWorks Enable 8.2 is considered a “Top 20” MDM software solution, and a leading choice for its extensive data features and product data management capabilities.

Released in May of this year, Enable 8.2 is highly configurable without deployment. In fact, the solution features the industry’s lowest cost to implement and the highest user adoption rate.

As a result, Enable 8.2 allows companies to quickly deploy, analyze and scale product data. Additionally, the solution’s XML-based architecture lets businesses automate product classifications and information using complex and custom data models. It can serve vendor portal, dealer portal or multi-enterprise data hub. Enable 8.2 has also received global certification on GDSN Major Release 3 from 1WorldSync.

As EnterWorks CEO Rick Chavie noted, “We prioritize providing a platform that enables a comprehensive view of product information. Our focus has been on innovating in the MDM/PIM landscape, and our platform allows us to serve a variety of clients, all with different data needs.”

Information Difference Analyst Firm Releases MDM Landscape Report

MDM analyst firm Information Difference recently released its MDM Landscape Q2 2016 Report. Of the 40 vendors listed in the report, EnterWorks ranked in the top three for customer satisfaction and top five overall for its technology.

EnterWorks was acknowledged for its market strength and excellence across a variety of tech benchmarks. More specifically, the company scored highly for MDM software experience and usability, along with platform support services, consulting and training services.

The 2016 report marked an important year of growth for us. EnterWorks was named to the Q2 2015 MDM Landscape Report and has continued to build on that success. Take a look at some of the key points propelling us ahead, including:

  • releasing key product improvements through Enable 8.2,
  • GSDN Major Release 3 certification,
  • globalization enhancements,
  • expanding into commerce with investment in Digital Foodie from Europe,
  • and emerging as the top on-demand grocery provider in the U.S.

In fact, today EnterWorks is the first and only vendor offering end-to-end MDM, PIM, and commerce solutions across the value chain from food and CPG brands and wholesalers to grocery retailers and direct to consumer.

MDM Experts Validate our Content for Commerce Strategy

The results of recent MDM rankings confirm that our Content for Commerce strategy is resonating. Customers look for a competitive edge in increasingly digitized markets for both B2B and consumer-focused businesses. That’s where EnterWorks Enable comes in. Our Master Data Management, Product Information Management, and GDSN data pool capabilities are dynamic, enabling customers to adjust their data and content for best positioning in their industry sectors.

Want to learn more about what makes EnterWorks Enable 8.2 an acclaimed MDM solution? Contact us or read more about our PIM and MDM capabilities here.

Kerry Young

Kerry Young

Kerry Young joined EnterWorks in 2006 when Ennovative, Inc., the multi-channel publishing software company he co-founded, was acquired by EnterWorks. He directs EnterWorks’ operations and leads EnterWorks’ professional services and consulting organization, ensuring effective customer implementations and ongoing success. Mr. Young brings more than 25 years of technology and business management experience to EnterWorks, having served as CTO for a subsidiary of the Dow Chemical Company, and earlier as VP, Information Technology for Marshall Industries, a $1.7 billion industrial electronics distributor. He previously managed information systems for a subsidiary of McDonnell Douglas Corporation. Mr. Young holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and an M.B.A. from California State University Fullerton.