Modern Restaurant Management

As published on the Modern Restaurant Management website – EnterWorks unveiled its Precision Eating™ solution. The trademarked, multi-domain solution is designed to match consumer preferences in food consumption to the precise nutrient and related elements of the food and beverage offerings of sellers, whether the consumer is online, in-store, or dining in.

Precision Eating specifically addresses the challenges many consumers face today as they sort through food labels and advertisements, including:

  • Is the offering compliant with my preferred diet plan?
  • Is it free from allergens that I or my child need to avoid?
  • Can I know in advance whether compliant food and beverage offerings are available at my preferred store or restaurant?

“The interest in a Precision Eating type platform has grown rapidly over the past two years,” said Rick Chavie, EnterWorks CEO.

“Restauranteurs, retailers, and everyday consumers all want the ability to match individual preferences to products, and do it precisely. With our multi-domain MDM, we can generate asset-driven assortments that are location-specific and filterable by brand or product interest.”

Essentially, according to Chavie, it is all about applying a filter to provide precisely relevant and easily consumable content. “Whether you are a consumer that has a medically-prescribed diet, favors a vegan / low carb diet, must avoid nuts, is lactose / gluten intolerant, or is concerned with ethical sourced or non-GMO food, Precision Eating can help.”

EnterWorks’ Precision Eating solution leverages the company’s B2B2C strategy that brings together growers, brands, distributors, food service, retailers, and restaurants to collaborate on content. “No single entity has all the information that a consumer wants because goods are grown, packaged, sold, and prepared for consumption in a variety of ways,” Chavie added. “Now, the EnterWorks Enable MDM and PIM platform can effectively capture, store and forward necessary content prior to delivering to the consumer at the point of research or purchase.”

The EnterWorks Enable platform provides the ability to synthesize a single view of precise food and beverage content based on agile integration and syndication frameworks. These capabilities open up the potential for a broader application of product content from a variety of sources including: consumer User Generated Content (UGC), brand manufacturers, product content networks, GDSN data pools providers such as 1WorldSync, nutritional content providers such as Label Insight and data prepared for initiatives such as SmartLabelTM coordinated by the GMA and FMI. The solution enables a personalized preference lens to sort food and beverage choices through a variety of commerce or informational touchpoints that allows the user to filter views based on nutrients, formulas, calories, recipes, menus, meal kits, medical requirements or taste preferences. It can also be conveyed in the form of Storeytelling, the EnterWorks solution for leveraging Virtual and Augmented reality along with shoppable planograms that reflect the real-time, in-store experience but with immediate access to rich and detailed product content.