Holiday Product Content Tips to Help Retailers "Sleigh" The Competition

Christmas and omnichannel shopping go together like Santa and his sleigh. From department stores to grocery stores, consumers seek an omnichannel experience. Driving this revolution is the desire for persuasive and personalized product content.

Experts expect consumers to spend over $655 billion this holiday, and every retailer is competing for its share. While much of the season has passed, holiday shopping is far from over. According to NRF’s annual survey by Proper Insights, 12 percent said they wouldn’t buy their last gift until December 23. Plus, nearly half of consumers plan to shop the week after Christmas. There’s still time!

So, here are some best practices for retailers to attract and convert seasonal shoppers.

Amp Up Persuasive, Personalized Product Content

A study by PwC found that 80 percent of consumers said online channels – including search engines, brand websites and social media – were their first resource when conducting product research. Yet even customers who prefer to shop in-store rely on digital content to research products before purchasing.

Today, consumers read less text but consume more content. When shopping and researching, shoppers want the full product story including images and videos. Think about your own shopping habits. Do you instantly click through photos? Zooming in on every detail? Watching demo videos or YouTube reviews? We all demand more content. It’s not just desired, it’s expected.

Retailers, suppliers and manufacturers must ensure they provide an array of persuasive, personalized content that reaches consumers when and where they want to view it.

Clean Up Item Details and Descriptions

The more that customers rely on digital content for information and insights, the greater the burden on the retailer to ensure they are providing it. Enabling consumers to access accurate, relevant information will curb dissatisfaction related to misleading product content.

For example, peer reviews are quickly becoming a primary factor in purchasing decisions. Item descriptions that are detailed, up-to-date and accurate lead to higher customer satisfaction, which can translate to more positive reviews.

To make sure product content is ready for an influx of online shoppers during peak times, retailers should ensure they have the descriptive assets ready that accurately reflect product assortment and current market trends. For example, the right tags, facets and visual content.

 Maintain a Single View of Content

Companies in a variety of sectors, from fashion and beauty to electronics, face challenges to distribute the most current content across channels. Despite the prevalence of omnichannel shopping, many retailers still don’t have enough timely, visual content on their sites. Much of the issue lies in the fact that many retailers still lack a single view of content. This makes it incredibly difficult to ensure that product information is accurate and up-to-date across all touchpoints.

For retailers who need a product content overhaul, as part of its Product Information Management (PIM) system EnterWorks can develop and implement data models and content in as little as 30 days.

If you’re considering a PIM solution, our guide “Preparing for PIM: First Steps to Getting Ready for Your PIM or Product MDM Initiative” can provide insights on getting started.

The New Year is always a busy time, but now is the time to prepare for a successful 2017. Do you have 30 minutes to spare? That’s all you need to begin a smooth and successful PIM/MDM implementation. Contact us for a quick chat.

Rick Chavie

Rick Chavie

Rick Chavie was appointed CEO of EnterWorks in May 2015. He came to EnterWorks after serving as SVP, Global Solution Management with hybris and SAP’s Customer Engagement and Commerce group, where he brought together digital and physical commerce and CRM assets for seamless customer experiences. Mr. Chavie brings industry experience from his leadership roles at retailers such as The Home Depot and C&A. He brings technology experience from his role as the global marketing leader for NCR’s retail and hospitality business, and management consulting expertise from his partner roles at Deloitte and Accenture, where he served clients across retail, branded consumer and wholesale verticals. Chavie is a Harvard MBA, a Fulbright Scholar in International Trade, and a summa cum laude graduate from the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota. He is a noted speaker at industry events, an author on the wholesale industry, and frequently comments on commerce, marketing and customer engagement topics.