Retail PIM Success Story: Leading Tool Retailer Nails Data Quality

In this Retail PIM Success Story, you’ll learn how one leading tool retailer is nailing data quality along with successful syndication.

Download the latest EnterWorks Case Study to read about how the retailer tackled its data quality challenges with a Product Information Management (PIM) solution designed to centralize, augment, and syndicate consistent, high-quality product data.

The Challenge: No Central Repository

As a family-owned business, the retailer has a long history of growth and success in providing tools and gardening supplies through its expansive mail order business and e-commerce site.

With thousands of products and attributes to store and manage, the retailer faced data quality challenges, as well as difficulties in getting the information syndicated across channels. Overcoming this hurdle would be crucial in taking the retailer’s e-commerce presence to the next level.

The Solution: A Single, Trusted View of Product Information

The retailer implemented EnterWorks Enable™ PIM solution as the “single view” of product information across the enterprise. The solution delivers benefits such as effective price positioning, faster product launches, and more.

With a PIM solution in their toolbox, the retailer is positioned for growth while continuously delivering the quality, service, and integrity on which they have built their business.

Furthermore, because the EnterWorks solution is designed to evolve as business needs change, a next phase is in the works for continued transformation.

Download the case study now to get the full implementation details.

PIM and MDM Solutions for Retail

This customer story is part of EnterWorks’ new series of case studies exploring how retail customers can leverage a PIM and multi-domain MDM solution to address not only the effectiveness of product data, but how their product content tells a story and creates differentiated experiences.

Our customer stories exemplify how EnterWorks’ business-driven approach concentrates on designing a data model to your specific business challenges.

EnterWorks has pushed to the forefront of the PIM marketplace by demonstrating how our unparalleled Business-to-Business-to-Customer (B2B2C) collaboration capabilities enable retailers and brands to respond to customer demand for rich, omnichannel content in the customer’s channel of choice.

From unique customer implementations to our innovative Storeytelling” concept, we have exciting things in store for the retail industry.

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