STERLING, VA – December 14, 2015 — EnterWorks, a market leader in master data solutions for transforming product information into persuasive and personalized content, recently hosted the webinar “An Infatuation for Product Content is the Key to B2B E-commerce Supremacy,” led by Rick Chavie, EnterWorks CEO, Peter Sheldon, a former VP and principal analyst at Forrester, and Randy Higgins, VP of customer growth services at Insite Software.

The speakers explored how manufacturing and distribution have been revolutionized by the proliferation of digital channels and explained why B2B companies must invest in their online content. The webinar included findings from a recent survey that revealed 47 percent of all buyers rely on product content for online purchasing decisions, including reviews and ratings from other customers and product information from both the retailer and manufacturer, and almost half of buyers rely on brand websites for product research.

“Today’s B2B buyers expect online experiences that were previously reserved for B2C shoppers, but most brands aren’t meeting those expectations,” said Chavie. “B2B merchandisers need to incorporate related product suggestions, interactive images and intuitive search filters into their content strategies, especially for purchases that require a high level of consideration.”

Effective product information management (PIM) entails more than replicating the information typically provided in a print catalog. To be successful, manufacturers and distributers should work with their digital marketing teams to create immersive experiences that include rich visuals, detailed content and customer reviews.

“In addition to adopting a PIM solution that can manage internal and external complexities, brands should ask customers for feedback on content and use small test groups to identify what content drives sales,” continued Chavie. “Actively engaging with your buyer community will enable you to stay on top of new purchasing trends and allow your brand to help shape future trends.”

Investing in PIM software requires both financial and staffing commitments, so brands should build success metrics that are tied to business outcomes. Firms can measure how quickly they can publish new content across channels, the integrity and consistency of data and a variety of other factors to prove that their product content strategy is paying off.

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EnterWorks Enable® software acquires, manages and transforms a company’s product information into persuasive and personalized content that enables differentiation, higher sales and new competitive strengths. By improved orchestration of the content value chain, companies can transform their product data and content, associated images and videos, brands and other marketing assets across digital and physical channels supporting marketing, sales and omnichannel commerce.

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