Data Stewardship

Even with all of the safeguards available to prevent data issues from being introduced to the MDM (master data management) system, data stewardship requires the ability to manually resolve any data inconsistencies. Enable provides an easy-to-use, web-based, graphical user interface for stewards to perform data remediation tasks.

  • Provide data stewards with a customizable workspace that displays only tasks assigned to them.
  • Create data governance policies and workflows to automate the approval process.
  • Take advantage of built in algorithms for matching and linking, including survivorship rules.
  • Monitor stewardship processes with advance logging and audit trails.

EnterWorks merges with Winshuttle to accelerate our market leading growth by leveraging their global presence (offices in London, Paris, Munich, India and Seattle HQ) while enhancing data domain capabilities in material, customer, product and other critical domains.

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