Digital Asset Management

Customers demand a rich product buying experience, and most are more likely to buy a product when they can view images or videos of the product. However, that unstructured data must be managed and stored similar to other data domains. Enable allows companies to manage any unstructured content (images, videos, audio, documents and more) using built-in Digital Asset Management technologies. Teams can import metadata from images, configure custom metadata fields for cross-sell / up-sell opportunities, and automatically generate multiple image formats and resolution for print and online use.

What Can Enable Digital Asset Management Do For You?

  • Localize assets for markets, brands or languages.
  • Reduce costs and complexity of redundant storage.
  • Drive compliance and correct usage of assets.
  • Control and protect the brand through security and workflow.
  • Reduce time to deliver to 3rd parties and customers.
  • Improve efficiency and quickly find, organize and convert digital assets.