Multi-national businesses face difficulties in globalization when producing consistent product content in multiple languages, creating regionally specific print catalogues and product labeling, and offering a user interface in native languages. Enable supports the localization of product content, including languages (single and double-byte character sets) / dialects, measures, currencies, etc. based on market and/or region. The user interface can be displayed in multiple languages, including double-byte character sets.

  • Apply and enforce data quality and validation rules in a base language prior to translation, thereby ensuring compliance in the subsequent language.
  • Localize data for multi-language, multi-channel and multi-brand.
  • Automate the translation process with out-of-the-box functionality or take advantage of 3rd-party services.

EnterWorks merges with Winshuttle to accelerate our market leading growth by leveraging their global presence (offices in London, Paris, Munich, India and Seattle HQ) while enhancing data domain capabilities in material, customer, product and other critical domains.

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