To compete on content, companies today require a centralized view of extensive product information that is accurate, up-to-date, consistent, compelling, and compliant. However, organizations often struggle to extract value from an ever-amplyfing volume of product data, with thousands or even millions of attributes and assets to maintain. This is particularly true when data is spread across multiple business systems and partner networks, or housed in manual and error-prone spreadsheets.

EnterWorks Enable™ Multi-Domain MDM with Product Domain enables organizations to aggregate and manage product content across the enterprise. In addition to resource tools your team is already using, Enable’s tight integration with advanced e-commerce systems, back-end systems, GDSN, and other syndication networks, ensures a flawless transition from back-end to front-end.

Organizations can master the complexity of collaboration and authorship with features including:

  • Onboarding, cleansing, synchronization, and publication of product data to deliver an accurate and consistent “single view” of product information
  • Managing complex relationships between products and category/hierarchies
  • Time-phased pricing management for catalogs and campaigns that are responsive to the dynamic promotional needs of marketers and merchants
  • Role-based views tailored by user with security and audit logs for accountability, with the flexibility to evolve based on acquisitions, geographic extensions, and organization changes
  • Specific business rules for consistent, up-to-date sources of product content
  • Enhanced search-ability across attributes, facets, images, and text to keep up with trends in products, lifecycles, and markets
  • The ability to customize and acclimatize content for every channel and preview it in context, exactly like your customers would see it

EnterWorks Enable™ MDM helps organizations create and manage a golden record of consistent, accurate, and up-to-date data. With Flexibility and Scalability, the solution adapts as your business and data requirements evolve. To learn more, fill out the form to download EnterWorks’ Preparing for PIM eBook.

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