EnterWorks Enable PIM

Consistent Product Content is Key.

Product content is growing at an exponential rate, where businesses are moving from the desktop to a variety of mobile devices. Customers expect consistency in branding, product details, and marketing themes. Companies need to provide a steady stream of relevant product content through multiple customer touch points.

EnterWorks’ Enable solution unifies product content and processes to help companies deliver a differentiated customer experience across physical and digital channels.

With Enable, you can

  • Facilitate collaborative content creation across enterprises, social channels, and marketplaces
  • Orchestrate complex B2B2C relationships throughout your Content Value Chain
  • Support marketing, categories/merchandising, sales/store, supply chain and ecommerce

Download our Enable PIM Solution Brief and find out how Enable will help you deliver up-to-date and accurate branding and product information everywhere your content appears.

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