Exploring The ROI of PIM and MDM

Exploring The ROI of PIM and MDM

Mapping Out the Master Data Management ROI

Have you ever wondered how to effectively evaluate the return on investment (ROI) of a Product Information Management (PIM) and Master Data Management (MDM) implementation?

If you’re responsible for your company’s product information and data, calculating the ROI of a PIM and MDM platform is a crucial step in your journey.

In this e-book, we explore Master Data Management ROI, including what industry analysts, solution experts, and actual business users have to say about the measurable impact of PIM and MDM on their organization.

Real-Life Results of MDM and PIM

By extracting Master Data Management ROI, organizations implementing EnterWorks Enable™ MDM/PIM solution have seen revolutionary results. Take a look at these real-life examples from our MDM/PIM customers:

  • Reduced months-long catalog cycle down to four weeks with increased accuracy and improved workflow.
  • Cut six months and six figures from the production cycle of a 1,400-page catalog.
  • Faster extraction of data from source documents by 25 to 30 percent.
  • Shortened production for a 2,200-page catalog by 70 percent, reducing resource requirements by half, cutting inaccuracies to less than five percent.
  • Captured $17 million in additional revenue with a real-time MDM-based pricing portal.
  • Realized an 8-fold gain in productivity, including the ability to produce customized catalogs.
  • Managing 14 subsidiaries from one product MDM system to support mass customization across multiple brands.
  • 100% user adoption due to EnterWorks’ business-friendly platform.
  • Consistent, accurate information for hundreds of attributes across 35K+ SKUs.
  • Reduced menu files from 720 to 42.
  • 68 percent reduction in data errors.
  • Removed 900 GTINs that were old or obsolete.
  • Over 8,000 new publications and over 4,000 re-publications of catalogs.
  • 47 percent e-commerce sales growth YoY.

 Ready to see results across your organization? Download the e-book and contact us to learn more about getting the best Master Data Management ROI.

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