Storeytelling: The New Shopping Reality

Storeytelling: The New Shopping Reality

How the Visual Store Uses Augmented Reality to Deliver Experiential Moments @ Scale

There have been many “omnichannel” technologies in recent years that have grabbed the attention and wallets of retailers but failed to deliver the customer experiences that were promised, often getting stalled out in the proof of concept stage. iBeacons and other similar technologies have the potential to capture customer behavior in a store, know when and where they look at products, enable you to present a next best offer to the customer in the aisle, and facilitate the convergence of online and mobile with offline.

But if retailers want to make meaningful progress with digital in-store engagement, it requires broad adoption by customers and retailers alike. Download this white paper by Rick Chavie to learn how you can create experiential moments tailored to your store and the customer shopping occasions.

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