Content Drives the NEW B2B Commerce Purchase Cycle

November 29, 2017 • 11:00 am EST


Bruce Eppinger, Forrester Senior Analyst Serving eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals


Bruce Eppinger
Forrester Senior Analyst Serving eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

Engaging The Empowered B2B Buyer With Superior Content

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Business to business vendors are transforming the role of the direct sales channel and investing in new online buying portals. They are playing catchup to the B2C digital experience that has raised buyer expectations to ever higher levels. Meanwhile, new digital first distribution channels are increasing completion in traditional B2B markets. Competing with content is now just as important as the products themselves. Content, its organization, relevance, and presentation can be the differentiator that influences what to purchase and from whom to purchase. The B2B evolution is happening within the context of a product content arms race. In order to compete, B2Bs must respond to buyer demand for rich, informative, and engaging content. Delivering this influx in content has pushed traditional methods of product content enrichment, governance, and distribution to the breakpoint.

B2B sellers require cloud based systems with sub-second response times and high security in order to deliver those experiences effectively.

Technology vendors and service providers are responding to these challenges with an ecosystem of solutions. Collaboration tools that provide a single view of all product content allowing teams to enrich descriptions, tune search attributes, and tag and transform digital assets. Syndication tools that automate the distribution of consistent content across all go to market channels. Vendor portals that enable distributors to manage the onslaught of information on boarded from hundreds of suppliers. Feeding the content driven buyer now and in the future requires people, organization, strategy, and technology aligned to win in a marketplace where content drives the customer experience.

Bruce Eppinger is the Forrester Senior Analyst for eCommerce platforms and product content management.

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