Forrester Webinar: Individualization is the Key to Differentiated Customer Journeys

Recorded Webinar » Individualization is the Key to Differentiated Customer Journeys

The Critical Need to Converge Customer, Content and Commerce in Today’s B2B2C World

What it’s all about:
Today’s digitally-savvy and demanding consumers present brands and retailers with a significant challenge: How to deliver seamless, consistent, hyper-personalized experiences through digital touchpoints along each individual’s unique customer journey. And in this new omnichannel world, eBusiness professionals are struggling to align individual consumer preferences in real time with the content and products that fulfill the shopper’s needs. The answer? Retailers and brands must utilize both real time customer data and rich product/content attributes to create individualized customer experiences by dovetailing these elements together.

Learn more about:

  • The state of customer engagement today and how segmentation has become a broken model for personalizing customer experiences.
  • Why linking customer data to product and content attributes is the key to delivering personalization 2.0: Individualization.
  • Which companies are using customer data to drive great experiences and conversion as consumers move through their journey across mobile, web, and store.
  • How brands and retailers can enrich product content across the value chain – from brand to retailer to consumer – for a single view of content across channels.

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